Susenji Shake (Healthy Cocoa Meal replacement)

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Susenji Shake (16 x 35g)

  • 1 box comes with 16 Sachets (35g each)
  • Vegan-friendly, No sweetener, No trans fats, made with pure cocoa
  • Each sachet contains 13g of vegan protein
  • Balance nutrition, low calories (only 140kcal per serving!)


  • Consume Susenji Shake in the morning
  • Consume Susenji MOFA+ at night for best result

Key Benefits
Major in plant-based protein, high protein, meal replacement, comprehensive nutrition TRI-P factor

Main Ingredients
Pea Protein, Isolated Soy Protein, Dark Chocolate Powder, Oat, Multivitamin & Multimineral